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Foreign Service Life;  Post: Muscat, Oman

Foreign Service Life;  Post: Maputo, Mozambique

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Foreign Service Life; Post: Ankara, Turkey

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Dakota is most of the way through her first semester at college. How did that happen so quickly!??

We are running out of room on this blog so I started up a new one here at Nomads By Nature to continue documenting our Foreign Service experiences for ourselves, family and friends, and for anyone interested in what the FS looks like from the family perspective. I was gonna try to do some fancy things with it and then just got caught up in the goings-on bit, so blogging took a bit of a back seat. Hoping to make amends — please come and visit our new location: Nomads By Nature: The Adventures Continue!

Also in the moving theme, we know where we are headed next:

This happened:DSC_7552_s

Which led to this:


My mom made it in from the States to be there. Add two good friends from post and we had us a party going on! I asked the Amazing M to be in charge of photos since I couldn’t seem to hold still enough to take a non-blurry shot. This guy also took photos before the ceremony, with that same friend’s camera. He was later seen raiding sampling the entire buffet before most families made it there from final photo ops.



Both schools ended. PTSO wrapped up and is OVER! Jackson went on his class trip to the Black Sea where he prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. I took my mom and daughter to Istanbul for a few days. This was part of the morning view from our rooftop breakfast.

P1100440The stories and places explored within the city will leak out slowly these next few weeks. It will be my summer project now that life is slowing down a bit and we have some days to breath and catch up. We also took my mom here for a few days and discovered some important information about the layout of the land that I will share with you, my dear readers. Stay tuned!


And now is Boy Scouts camp in Anatalya along the Mediterranean Coast: sailing, snorkeling, archery, swimming, shooting, camping, learning, playing and apparently escaping a raging forest fire that came within 50 feet of them.  I have been assured that it wasn’t them that started it. Here is a clip from the news. While he was escaping and evading the flames, we were attending/working the 4th of July embassy family celebration here in Ankara that came with a massive electrical storm rolling in in lieu of the planned fireworks. Nothing like evacuating to take shelter while the sky flashed wildly above.

The new graduate is experiencing her first summer job at the embassy and realizing that first jobs are meant to be the incentive to keep you in school and finishing college. I believe that the words out of her mouth when coming home on her first day were, “Started work and the first day in the real world is kind of disappointing”. Since that epiphany she has bent to the tasks set before her and found that although the real world may seem a bit monotonous on the surface, really you can’t write fiction better than reality.

That Boy

That boy use to be a baby, with plump little cheeks that begged for kisses despite traces of his latest snack. He moved silently and super quick when he wanted. His eye would scan a room and find the one thing he just had to check out, which many times was off limits. His curiosity has always been endless. His hands always had to touch and check things out. His mind was always negotiating the terms and boundaries.

Now that he is a tween, his cheeks aren’t as rounded. And when I try to kiss them, it can’t be in front of friends. Or in public.

And there is the shadow of what could be a mustache in a few more years.

So it makes sense that the school would think that my baby was ready to go on a four day hiking adventure to the Black Sea with his class. He explored the tea region of Rize and climbed up to the Sumela Monastery which is what this photo below is all about. Notice how is it perched on a steep cliff.


The Sumela Monastery – photo from Wikipedia

My not so baby had a packing list that he diligently followed so they could hike in rain or shine. He also had to deal with some pain and an inability to eat well due to an untimely start of orthodontia. It will be a rough couple of months I think. Regardless though, he went off on his adventures of a plane ride, bus rides, hiking, exploring, learning, hot springing, more hiking and then some more of all of it again. And there was the market visit which we were asked to make sure they had some spending money for.

That sweet boy of mine bought me a big box of loose Turkish black tea to enjoy. And he also bought out the wooden handmade weapons store apparently. Which is why the first thing he greeted me with when bounding off the bus that delivered our precious babies back to us was, “Hey, Mom, I am SO PREPARED for a Zombie Apocalypse!”

That boy!


Note to self: less spending money. Note to my readers: my Zombie slayer son, beyond exhausted from his adventures, is now passed out on the sofa and he takes up the whole couch. If he was a few years younger I’d plant his weapons on him and take a picture, but he is too old to do that. And he is fast now. And obviously weaponized.





Carpet and Kilim Vendors

Hat Vendor

Hat Vendor


Shoe Vendor

A Trinkets Vendor at the top of the hill and the bottom of the castle.

A Trinkets Vendor at the top of the hill and the bottom of the castle.


Basket Vendors. This is also the stray cat transit route from the bottom of the hill to the tops of the homes and businesses.

Basket Vendors. This is also the stray cat transit route from the bottom of the hill to the tops of the homes and businesses.



She made that climb look so easy even with that belly.

She made that climb look so easy even with that belly.

Coffin Vendor

Coffin Vendor


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